4 WK Sugar Detox Challenge Self-Help Guide

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Welcome To Conquer Cravings For Christians | The Ultimate 4 Week Sugar Detox Challenge | Offering Guidance Through Faith For Lasting Recovery!

This  Christian weight loss program will stop sugar addiction & craving junk food to end binge eating and lower blood sugar and the threat of type 2 diabetes

Be the next SUCCESS story!

If you have been thinking about another crazy New Year’s Resolution to lose weight, manage stress or just eat healthier than have I got something NEW to share with you. 

Once You complete this course you may be interested in joining our LIVE COACHING Meetings Starting JAN 29th every Monday @ 6pm for prayer, discussion and inspiration! 


You will have a START HERE GUIDE and THE SELF-HELP GUIDE to use for PREPERATION during the waiting period. The guides offer the shopping list of foods you will need during the detox. You also will have weekly videos with TIPS TRICKS and MOTIVATION to grow mentally spiritually and physically healthy. 


What's included?

2 Videos
3 Texts
8 PDFs
Renee Dumont
Renee Dumont
Health/Wellness/Fitness Christian Coach

About the instructor

Renee Dumont Author of an Amazon Best Selling Book, Fixing My Fattening Life. Renee is a recovered from Binge eating , Overeating & Sugar Cravings. Renee is a practicing Health/Wellness/Fitness Expert (over 24 yrs) who has dedicated her life to empower individuals through the Love of God to lose weight, transform their lives and experience victory to stop sugar cravings, binge eating and junk food addiction since the early 90's.Before becoming a health coach, Renee spent her first 12 years of life suffering with emotional eating, using food as her 'fix,' to run away from the people who would bully and abuse her for the way she looked. The pain nearly drove her to end her life until she found Hope & Healing through the Love of God.

Renee began her career in the health, wellness and fitness industry in the early 90's and trained thousands of individuals who have developed a healthy lifestyle and have found freedom from craving junk food.  

Renee's Amazon best-selling book, "Fixing My Fattening Life" tells her story of healing and she includes the list of her favorite food choices as well as many tools and techniques she still uses today to break the chains of binge eating and emotional eating. Once you read her book you will see for yourself why she is now a TOP expert in the area of helping people conquer sugar and junk food cravings as well as being an excellent motivator to get your blood pumping and feet moving!

Renee is the founder of CRUSH SUGAR CRAVINGS which is a Christian based weight loss program built upon God's word with the Serenity Prayer as being the core focus of healing emotional and binge eating. Renee takes you through the steps mentally, emotionally and physically to help you bridge the gap between mood, food and your faith.





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