Clean Eating For Christians

motivation to transition to simple, wholesome real food guided by the Holy Spirit

Conquer Your Cravings


Are You Feeling Stuck and Craving Change? This Christian weight loss program will help you get started in a new  journey to stop binge eating from those crazy sugar cravings.  It may seem intimidating, but with Renee’s expert guidance and LIVE weekly training in your private Facebook Group you'll be up and walking in a new direction sooner than you could have ever expected. You’ll have all the support you need from beautiful Christian women who understand the pain and struggle with food on a daily basis. 

Learn all the skills and daily practices needed to change your inner man through spiritual messages of encouragement.

This REAL FOOD REAL FAITH CLEAN EATING program takes you through a 14 day journey that will give you a chance to see how you can create a new way of eating by getting rid of junk food. This is the perfect step by step program to teach you about the REAL truth about REAL food and permanent weight loss.  

Just read the reviews to hear what people are saying! Give yourself the gift of health! 




Your Personal Victory Is About To Begin

The path to freedom from binge eating takes dedication and time, but if you put your mind to it and take action, you'll have no problem finding peace with food again. Food frustration no more! So, what are you waiting for?


Renee is a inspiration!

From Catherine Graham

let god's word be food for the soul and mouth! avoid fakers and stay within the one and only prince of peaces light, my goals is to find better time with god and exercise with fun and eat better ...

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Love it!!


This course is a great starter! I highly recommend you invest in the full course!! I have completed it and it has changed my life beyond anything I could have imagined!!

"For you will know them by their fruits"

From cassandra Slay

I had the pleasure to be apart of the Real Faith Real Food challenge at the end of 2018 right before the Christmas holiday. For most of 2018, I had been struggling with the stronghold of food and n...

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You'll Learn

The Best Way to Start Awareness

Action Plans To Renew Your Mind

Common Mindset Mistakes That Make Us Quit

Focus "WHY" instead of WHAT to Eat

Demolish The Diet Mindset

Why Foods Are Addictive+++2 Private Coaching Calls

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Let Your Healing Begin


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